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How a Purchasing Agent Can Help You Go Eco-Friendly

hiring a purchasing agent

More and more industries are encouraging businesses to make the change to eco-friendly practices in their operations. These changes are not being promoted for the simple reason of being better for the environment, but because these practices also help organizations expand their business and save money. For businesses who are struggling to come up with eco-friendly practices in their shipping processes, hiring a purchasing agent is where to begin. 

​Finding Environmentally Conscious Sellers 
One predicament businesses often face when trying to go eco-friendly is searching for sellers who are environmentally conscious. An environmentally conscious seller is a seller who is aware of the impact their brand has on the environment and makes an effort to ensure the impact they have is a positive one. Purchasing agents select sellers who work best with their clients and their clients’ needs. If a business requires an environmentally conscious seller, the purchasing agent can give a list of all the sellers who fit this requirement and remain in the budget their client set. 

​Guaranteed Eco-Friendly Shipping Methods 
Businesses branching out to eco-friendly shipping want assurance that the shipping company they work with can fulfill the promise of being environmentally friendly. In fact, some lesser shipping companies will say their shipping methods are eco-friendly and never perform to these expectations. Purchasing agents stir businesses away from these types of false promises. A great purchasing agent knows what methods are needed for a shipment to be as friendly for the environment as possible. Securing that shipments will come in bulk and boxes are being reused are only two of the vast practices a purchasing agent can guarantee for managing a business’ shipping. 

​Checking Mandatory Packaging Conditions 
Packaging is one of the biggest issues in shipping. There have been many complaints from businesses and customers regarding packaging conditions for international and national shipping. As mentioned earlier, purchasing agents can guarantee the boxes used in shipping are recycled. While shipping is about delivering items at a timely manner in good quality, it is not about how they are delivered and the condition in which they arrive in. A purchasing agent tests the quality of the shipping conditions so that they are eco-friendly and can still protect the items from any potential damage. 

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