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How Has COVID Impacted the Shipping and Receiving Processes?

When COVID-19 hit, it affected every aspect of our personal and professional lives. This includes how items are shipped, received, and distributed to customers. Greater care is taken to ensure items ready for shipment are handled as little as possible. Products may even be treated with disinfectants prior to being boxed up. This reduces any kind of exposure to airborne germs that may be present during the packing process.

Workers Must Wear Protective Equipment at All Times

Workers who are assigned to shipping and receiving docks are now required to wear their PPE (personal protective equipment) at all times. This includes masks, gloves, hairnets, and hats to keep their hair contained. By wearing PPE during the shipping and the receiving process, there is less risk of contamination or germs being shipped from one location to another. This practice protects both the worker as well as the recipient.

Products Are Handled As Little As Possible

Another new practice is that products are handled as little as possible. In addition to the PPE being worn by the workers, most products are wrapped in plastic or placed in a box or another form of container prior to shipment. While this may seem somewhat wasteful, it is one way that manufacturers have found in which they can control the spread of COVID-19.

Packing Areas Are Cleaned and Sanitized Regularly

One way to protect everyone involved is to make sure all shipping and receiving areas are cleaned and sanitized as often as possible. By eliminating the germs and bacteria from the workplace, the risk of exposure is reduced for the workers as well as those who will be receiving the packages.

The changes caused by COVID-19 are extensive, but they are also quite beneficial. The long-term benefits of working in a cleaner environment will allow workers to remain as healthy as possible, increasing their productivity and improving their overall outlook at work.

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