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How Much Time Should I Allow for Shipping During the Holidays?

holiday season shipping

Shipping packages during the holiday season is a calculated process. If you want your package to arrive before the holidays, you will need to consider a few key factors that will have a direct impact on your shipping time. Carriers will often post a “Ship by” date they have estimated using past shipping data. While it’s good to keep this date in mind, you will want to factor in other things as well.

Distance and Weather

It’s always a good idea to consider how distance and the weather will affect shipping times. The farther your package has to travel, the longer it will take to get there, especially if it has to go overseas. The next thing to consider is the weather. If the package is going to arrive that is due to be hit by a major winter storm, your package will definitely be slowed down. 

The Holiday Rush

The holiday rush at the post office can be frustrating. Long lines leave many people short on patience. Don’t wait until the last minute to take your package to the shipping service. Plan on spending time in line so leave early and have your packages ready to go when you get to the window. If you are shipping your package near the ship date, you can always pay extra to have it delivered in two or three days.

Shipping during the holidays can take considerably longer than other times of the year. Try to ship your packages at least two weeks before the day you want them to arrive. This will ensure that there will be plenty of travel time in case the weather gets bad or the holiday rush is more hectic than usual. Shipping early makes sure that everyone gets what they want for the holidays.

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