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How Package Mapping Works and Why It is Important to Businesses

When it comes to international shipping, getting a package from point A to point B isn’t always a straightforward task. As a business, however, you don’t want your customers to feel that. Individual customers order products and often they not only want them to arrive as quickly as economically possible, they want to be able to tell where their order is every step of the way. There are many factors to consider in making this happen. Where the shipment started, trade rules in any other countries that the shipment had to pass through, weather patterns, shifts in supply and demand, and the availability of warehouse space are all things that need to be considered before a shipment heads out on its journey to its ultimate destination. Customers expect to be able to use a tracking number to instantly tell where a package or larger shipment is in the world and how that has been handled. But before they can do this, there needs to be a plan. Package mapping provides this plan. It gets everyone involved on the same page as to where a shipment is supposed to go, as well as any stops it might make along the way. It is through this mapping process that delivery dates can be communicated with reasonable accuracy.

Monitoring the Map

No matter how good the package mapping is, sometimes there are unexpected  snags that can slow down a  whole shipment. This can happen with a shipment with products from a single source, as well as ones that have been combined at a warehouse along the way in order to increase efficiency for both, A shipping company that uses the right mapping software, and monitors the shipments for abnormalities, such as JML DelivertIt, will be able to see when things might potentially go wrong, and can often change the course of a shipment to prevent costly and inconvenient delays.

By knowing the potential paths of International shipments, especially those that pass through our warehouses in the British Virgin Islands or Miami, Florida, we bring businesses peace of mind that their shipments are staying safe and protected through each step of their journey, and that our business customers will be able to see this for themselves every step of the way.


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