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How Quality and Efficiency in Shipping Contribute to Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

In today’s economy, products and services are bought, sold, and delivered around the world, and sometimes the production of a single product can involve assembly of components manufactured in different parts of the world. Maintaining efficient organization and streamlined shipping practices are vital to assuring that the overall process works, and that the customer ultimately gets their order in a timely matter and in good condition. Quality and Efficiency in Shipping Contribute to Customer Satisfaction and customers expect this, whether a delivery comes from across town or across the world.

JML DeliverIT’s freight forwarding and logistics services can help to smooth out the various wrinkles that can come up throughout the process of trading across multiple companies and countries. Some of the ways we can help include

  • Keeping track of customs regulations in various locations,
  • Consolidating both air and sea shipments in a central location,
  • Providing warehouse services in both Miami, Florida and the British Virgin Islands
  • Providing quality shipping containers that prevent product damage,

All of our “field” services are pulled together with sophisticated software that allows for detailed tracking of a shipment in order to keep customers informed of where their purchased items are, and when they should expect them to arrive. Strong relationships with suppliers and top notch mapping techniques, allow us to understand whatever problem may be holding up the shipping process — whether it is an internal problem with production, weather issues, or concerns with customs.

Most businesses don’t have the infrastructure to handle the various complexities that are part of an international supply chain management. on a consistent basis. Working with a third party freight forwarding company, such as JML DeliverIT, provides these companies with peace of mind because they are working with a qualified company that is built around the goal of assuring efficient delivery of a well packaged products to their final destination.

When working independently businesses often find that they are unable to properly track delivery dates, are faced with transit delays that they are unable to explain to their customers, are forced to carry higher inventories than expected, and ultimately pay higher shipping costs. They are also forced to place company resources into “trial and error” type troubleshooting methods, that are more valuable and qualified to navigate through other aspects of the business.

Ultimately, they pay more in transportation and delivery costs in order to wind up with a less satisfied customer that will likely cut ties with them in the future, avoid purchasing other items, and communicate their dissatisfaction to others which will cut into profits even more

JML operates out of both Miami and the British Islands in order to effectively serve businesses that operate in both locations. We provide point-to point express cargo logistics solutions for both air and sea shipments, and can manage both inbound and outbound delivery needs.

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