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How to Determine When to Ship on a Pallet

If you ship often, you know that there are many issues that can affect your shipment, its condition upon arrival and the fees you have to pay for transport. One of those issues is whether to ship on a pallet? A pallet is a wooden frame made specifically to be used for shipping heavy items through the country or overseas primarily by truck, train or ship. Pallets can also be used to keep a large shipment of items together in one unit as opposed to making separate shipments of each box.

Why are Pallets Used?

Pallets are used often in shipping to protect the shipment and facilitate handling. Once an item is on a pallet, it can be moved using a forklift and a dolly. The shipment is fastened to the pallet, lashed together using rope, plastic or tape and then the entire unit is kept together until it is received. Pallets can be moved using automatic equipment, stored in warehouses and transported from truck to ship to truck for delivery.

When are Pallets Necessary

Pallets are used primarily to control heavy shipments. You should use a pallet for shipping in the following circumstances:

  • Your shipment cannot be boxed
  • Your shipment is made of several smaller boxes that go together
  • Your shipment is heavy and/or unwieldy
  • Your shipment is cheaper to ship on a pallet than separately
  • Your shipper requires that you ship on a pallet
  • It is easier to get your shipment through customs on a pallet

Consider the ease of shipping, the cost and your shipper’s requirements before you ship on a pallet. Also be concerned with damage that can occur when shipping. Once you have examined all of the angles, you can make the decision of whether pallet shipping is the best decision for you.

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