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How to Pack Glass for Shipping to Reduce Potential Breakage

Some of the loveliest gifts are made of fragile glass. Glass holds color so beautifully, that it is inevitable that we want to ship it to our friends and family for holiday gifts. However, glass is notoriously hard to ship without breakage. Therefore, it is important to pack any glass you ship extremely carefully. Here’s How to Pack Glass for Shipping to Reduce Potential Breakage:

Wrap Individual Pieces

Unless you have a special shipping box for glass from the manufacturer of the product you are shipping, you need to separate each piece from the others. Glass can break if it rubs or shifts against other pieces in the box. Using newspaper or heavy packing paper, wrap each glass item in several layers. Use a minimum of two sheets of paper for each item, but lean on the conservative side. Remember that lids or covers need to be separated from the main object and wrapped separately.

Place Items in a Grid

Create a grid out of cardboard to separate individual items from each other in the box. When shifting due to movement during shipping, this will prevent items from accidentally touching each other. A good example of this is a case of wine and the separator used inside to keep the bottles apart.

Box Inside a Box

To be extra careful, you can put your wrapped and boxed item inside another exterior box to further insulate them. This method works very well for heavier pieces that tend to cause the entire box to move in shipment. Banging against another box in a shipping truck can also cause potential breakage.

Label It Fragile

Although it doesn’t always prevent breakage, labeling your box in big, bold letters “FRAGILE” will make the shipper aware that tossing the box is a bad idea.

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