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How to Ship When Palletizing is Not An Option

When it comes to shipping cargo or freight, palletizing is a great way to keep all of your packages safely secured in one place. Palletizing your items is a little more expensive but the security and convenience it offers are sometimes worth it. There will be occasions, however, when palletizing is not an option. You still have plenty of shipping options to choose from.

Multiple Orders

Placing multiple orders is normally the most common way to ship several packages if you aren’t able to palletize. It can be somewhat monotonous but this method is often more cost-effective than others.

Independent Courier

Hire an independent courier service. There are several independent couriers who will ship your packages and deliver them to their destination without having to palletize any of them. This is normally the best way to go if you have numerous local deliveries within a 100-mile radius. The courier will pick up your packages and then make sure each one is delivered on time.

Small Boxes? Larger Container

If you have numerous small boxes going to the same location, you may be able to package them in one large box or shipping container. This will reduce the number of items being shipped but will increase the weight of the final package. Talk to your carrier before you choose this option.

Knowing your options will help you find the best ways to ship your packages, especially when the more convenient ways aren’t an option. Talk to your carrier prior to packaging to get some ideas on how to protect your merchandise without adding a lot of extra weight. They have both the materials as well as the knowledge to make the shipping process go much smoother. 

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