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How To Spot An International Shipping Scam

international freight forwarding

While the Internet has allowed for many wonderful companies and services to bloom, it has also made it possible for scams to be so tricky they seem legitimate. One of the biggest benefits of working with
international freight forwarding services is that they take care of contacting the various shipping companies involved. However, knowing how to spot a shipping scam is important so that you can maintain control over the shipping of your goods.

  • Search the company: The Internet may have allowed less-than-reputable companies to create seemingly legitimate fronts, but it can also allow you to see past those smokescreens. Do a quick search of the company and look at more than their website. Check for any negative headlines and suspicious or low-quality videos. If the company is reputable, you’ll see positive reviews and other websites and industry experts referencing their business.
  • Look at the reviews and comments: As mentioned, reviews of the company are going to be your most important reference point. When a company has scammed other unsuspecting customers, they’ll be sure to write about it to let others know. Be sure to look through the comments section on the company’s social media pages, as that’s where angry customers will often leave their thoughts.
  • Check how long the company’s been in business: The best international freight forwarding companies will have plenty of experience and a strong network of shipping connections. They likely won’t work with an international shipping company that they don’t trust, but you can still check their experience. When a company has been in business for a while, it will know how to navigate obstacles such as inclement weather, customs requirements, shipping congestions, and more. You can also check if you’ll be using air freight services, as they will have tighter control over their cargo shipping processes because of their time sensitivity.
  • Reference the company’s BBB rating: When you’re checking out a business, the Better Business Bureau is the place to go. The BBB rates businesses on a letter scale, as teachers score students in school. Some businesses are also BBB accredited, but many are not and that by itself does not affect the rating of a business. The rating can simply give you an idea of whether or not the business is trustworthy.

Working with international freight forwarding services will take much of the shipping responsibility off of your shoulders, but you should still be aware of how your goods are transported. By being involved and watching out for shipping scams, you will be keeping an eye on your goods as they make their international journey.

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