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What Is An International Purchasing Agent? Do You Need One?

purchasing agent

Is your business global? Do you buy goods from overseas sellers? If so, then you could benefit from the services of an international purchasing agent. A purchasing agent serves as the go-between for domestic buyers and international sellers. With a purchasing agent, you will have a local, trustworthy partner to oversee the transaction your transaction.

Rather than dealing with a company overseas that you may never have even heard of, let a purchasing agent facilitate the sale and receive the shipment on your behalf. They will also ensure that it is appropriately forwarded.

Who Needs a Purchasing Agent?

International eBay buyers – Many products from eBay are sold by international sellers located in China, Canada and other countries. While you can get great deals shopping from these sellers, you may find the process of purchasing international items difficult. An international purchasing agent can assist you with buying things from eBay from worldwide sellers. They can handle everything from the negotiation to receiving the shipment on your behalf.

Companies that purchase products or goods overseas – Buying supplies or products overseas can be much cheaper than purchasing them domestically. The expertise of an international purchasing agent can be very beneficial if you regularly purchase goods outside of the United States. A good purchasing agent will have solid relationships with vendors and suppliers all over the world. Additionally, they will be knowledgeable about how to conduct business in certain countries and cultures.

Any business wanting to lower costs – Whether your company regularly uses school supplies or scientific equipment, you can reduce your costs by partnering with an international purchasing agent to help you find high-quality goods at a low price.

An international purchasing agent can help you harness the power of the global economy to lower your costs. For more information about hiring an international purchasing agent, contact us today.

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