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Is Booking Ocean Freight Online the Right Choice for Your Company?

Recently, several shipping companies have enabled online booking for customers with ocean freight. This service is certainly intriguing, but it’s not for every customer and every situation. Make sure that you carefully evaluate the pros and the cons of booking your ocean freight online before you entrust your precious cargo using this method.

Pros of booking your ocean freight online

1. It’s always open.  One of the prime benefits of booking your freight online is that the booking office is open when you are, whether that’s at 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m., a weekday or a holiday. 

2. There’s guaranteed pricing. The freight companies that have begun to offer online booking are giving customers a set price for port to port service, both to simplify the process and as an incentive for customers to try the new technology.

Why you might want to think again before booking ocean freight online

As attractive as booking your ocean freight online may seem, there are some good reasons to think twice about using this service.

1. Ocean freight is a complicated business. Making arrangements for your products to travel via freighter from your home country to the Caribbean is a lot more involved than booking an airline seat from New York city to Chicago.  When you work directly with a freight specialist, you know that all the necessary details have been taken care of. 

2. Customs forms and requirements are essential. If your shipment arrives at the port of departure without the right paperwork, the freight company has no choice but to delay your shipment until you get the necessary paperwork. When you book your ocean freight directly, you’ll have someone on the line to tell you what documentation is required, so you’re much less likely to forget something.

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