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Keeping Your Precious Cargo Safe and Secure

If you’re company is sending out a truck full of sweatshirts for distribution, it isn’t likely that anyone is losing sleep. If something gets lost, offering a replacement won’t break the bank. But there are times when the things being shipped are more rare and expensive. Often, they are literally irreplaceable. In addition to products such as art and jewelry that carry a high cash value, other products such as medical supplies, vaccines, pharmaceuticals,  and biological samples are all items that need special care when they are being shipped in order to deter theft, and keep these shipments in good condition through proper temperature control.

Since different locations across the world have different temperatures, it is important to identify a specific temperature range for sensitive shipments to keep Cargo Safe, and use the proper insulation system in order to prevent damage. Some possibilities include expanded polystyrene(EPS) and Expanded Polyurethane(EPU) insulation that uses outer shells that are lined with coolants. Dry ice is also commonly used for items that need to retain a deep freeze throughout transport.

For items that have a high dollar value, the bigger risk is that those items may be stolen during transport, especially if they are on a lengthy journey. One of the best ways to protect against this is to get the items to their desired location as quickly as possible. Route planning for these shipments needs to be precise, with advanced tracking, risk analysis, and extra security including providing shipping guards may be necessary.

Since keeping  shipping conditions within the right range is important, obtaining consistency and a good relationship with your logistics provider is especially important. With the improved technology that logistics managers have better visibility than ever when it comes to knowing where shipments are at any given time, They also rely on strong relationships with Customs officials and trading partners to help them see when delivery patterns start to vary from what  is expected.

At JMLDeliverit, we provide extensive services as a purchasing agent, logistics partner, shipping and storage service, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and custom packaging. We maintain offices and warehouses in both our Miami and British Virgin Islands locations, and provide advanced tracking and package mapping on all shipments in order to help them get to their destination as quickly as possible.

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