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Mail Forwarding from the United States

Mail Forwarding Services

If you live in a region that cannot receive regular mail delivery from the United States or you have your mail delivered into the U.S. and need it forwarded to your actual location, you can hire a shipping service to do that for you. Most mail forwarding services have specific regions they cover and routes for forwarding mail. For instance, a service may specialize in collecting, storing and then shipping packages and envelopes on a periodic basis to the Caribbean islands. Another company might cover only the region of Pacific Rim. Therefore, it is important to select a service that can pick up and deliver to your ultimate location.

Look for companies that have a good reputation for shipping and storage. After all, if they have slipshod service, you will only receive some of your mail and not on a regular schedule. Depending on the service you work with, you will be able to schedule the frequency of delivery times as well as allow for a change under specific circumstances. A reputable shipper will be able to offer you quotes ahead of time based on size, weight and value of your mail.

How Does a Mail Forwarder Work?


Generally, most mail forwarding companies give you an address to have your mail sent to which is within their office or warehouse. They will receive, stockpile and record any mail sent to your specific address, and then hold it until it gets delivered to your location. The hold time is determined by a previously signed contract which can specify weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shipments. You may even be able to get it daily or every few days.

The mail forwarder will charge a fee based on their costs for fuel, transportation and staffing. They should have a full outline of all fees available when you negotiate with them.

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