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Making Internet Shopping Easier with JML

Internet shipping

The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of shopping websites has made it possible to get almost any product, even if you live in remote parts of the world without many local bricks-and-mortar shops. However, the shipping expense associated with such orders can sometimes be a deal-breaker, and some sites won’t even ship to certain parts of the Caribbean basin. That’s where JML can help. 

Internet shipping made easier with JML

JML Corporation is one of the largest shipping companies in the Caribbean region. We serve more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean. For online shoppers who live in these areas, we can consolidate orders sent to our Miami office and thus reduce your individual shipping costs dramatically. You simply have your orders sent to our Miami address. We monitor, accept delivery and sign for your order and make sure that it arrives in our office as scheduled. Then, we store your order until we have multiple packages going to your destination. In most cases, the money you save on shipping more than pays for our service. We are happy to work with orders and packages of all sizes.

So, go ahead and enjoy the convenience and selection offered by e-commerce retailers like Amazon and eBay, while being assured that your packages will reach you safely without costing you an exorbitant shipping fee.

To learn more about making Internet shopping and shipping easier and more affordable for Caribbean residents, visit or contact us today at (insert contact info). We’ve been helping individuals and businesses in the Caribbean basin with their shipping needs since 2003.

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