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Steps You Can Take to Make Sure Your Package Reaches the Right Person

Package Shipping

When sending any type of package or cargo, you want to make sure it gets to the right person. There are several ways to ensure that the intended recipient receives the items. Confidentiality and privacy are extremely important when shipping sensitive prototypes and documents like blueprints, checks, financial information, precious metals, or gems. It’s imperative that certain measures be put in place that ensures the items make it to the person who is responsible for accepting them.

Double, Triple Check Your Information

Always double and triple check your information. Make sure the recipient’s name is spelled correctly and that their address is exactly how it appears on the order form. One simple misspelled word can cause your package to be delayed, lost, or sent to the wrong person. With time-sensitive documents, this can be disastrous. If the package falls into the wrong hands, it may never be recovered or it could take weeks for someone to realize the error.

Require A Signature and Proper Identification For Pickup

One of the best ways to protect your shipment is to require a signature and proper identification in order for the item to be released to the recipient. While this may seem tedious and unnecessary to some, the few minutes it takes to verify an ID could save weeks of delays and prevent financial loss. The signature card will be returned to you as proof that the person picking up the package was the intended recipient.

Purchasing a signature card and always double checking your information can prevent a shipping disaster. A few minutes of your time will guarantee that the right person picks up the shipment and that it arrived on time.

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