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What is a Master Bill of Lading?

Latin American Cargo Documents

Latin American Cargo DocumentsThere are many different document used in the transport of freight. If you regularly utilize a freight transport service for Latin American cargo or for products you are shipping worldwide, it is important that you understand what these documents are—so you can make certain you take care of them as needed. One of the most important documents you will encounter is the “Master Bill of Lading.” Learn what this is and when it is used and you will be better prepared for your next cargo shipment.

What is a Master Bill of Lading?

Essentially, this document summarizes the quantities of freight sent within a shipment. Additionally, it is used to acknowledge receipt of said goods. However, the document works as a contract of sorts between the person shipping the goods and the cargo company. In most cases, the master bill of lading specifies terms regarding who is liable for the goods under certain circumstances of transport.

When is a Master Bill of Lading Used?

This bill, or some derivation of it, is used when shipping nearly anything using a cargo company. This is an important document since it can protect the shipper, the cargo company AND the recipient. If you are shipping Latin American cargo or another type of freight, it makes sense to inquire whether one of these documents will be used and what information you will need to provide.

While it may seem complicated, a master bill of lading is actually quite simple. In most cases, you will simply be asked to provide information you already have. If you are working with a cargo company, there is often someone on hand who can help you will filling out the document and making certain everything is ready to go.

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