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How a Miami Freight Forwarder Can Benefit Your International Business

When someone orders a package, they want to get their merchandise as soon as possible. In a perfect world, that package would be sent from point A and arrive soon after at point B. Unfortunately, this scenario is often not possible, especially when it comes to packages sent internationally.


Benefit Your International Business:

Buying local may be a big trend, and good for a lot of situations, but the truth is commerce is worldwide. Often the point A to point B picture turns out to be something more like Point A to Point E, with that package making a stop at each “letter” along the way. The best way to move merchandise faster, and make customers happier, is by getting the package to a central location where it can be shipped directly to nearly any location. Miami, Florida is ideal for this purpose. Miami International Airport (MIA) is ranked 10th in the world for international freight overall, and bodes even better when it comes to shipping in Latin America and the Caribbean, Over 80% of both air imports and exports use MIA as their hub for distributing  a variety of products including perishable products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, technical equipment and more.

At JML Cargo and Logistics, we  offer freight forwarding from both their Miami and Virgin Islands locations. By using JML’s freight forwarding service, businesses are able to get their products around the world faster and more reliably by taking advantage of their relationship with various shipping and logistics companies around the world and their knowledge of the legal shipping parameters of several countries. In addition to air shipping, JML also works with shipping companies that use other means to move products, such as ships, trains, and trucks.

With our Miami receiving warehouse of 14,600 square feet we are able to consolidate large amounts of bulk cargo that allow companies to ship to more than 120 different destinations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, making your customers more comfortable with their online shopping experience. We are able to offer personalized customer service by communicating with suppliers and various shipping companies, handle specific packaging requirements, customs clearance, and centralized tracking so shoppers don’t have to follow their purchases through several companies. Developing strong relationships with businesses throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean has been a cornerstone of our efficiency and customer satisfaction for more than a decade. Contact us and let our freight forwarding services help your business thrive.

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