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Packing Holiday Gifts for Lower Shipping Costs

During the holiday season, it is common to ship packages to our loved ones throughout the country and overseas. Shipping can become quite expensive if you have a lot of packages to send, therefore it is a good idea to use some of the following tips to Lower Shipping Costs

Pack as Small as Possible

Packages are charged by weight or volume or both. To keep the cost of shipping down, pack your gift in as small a space as possible including your packing material and bubble wrap. Determine the best way to package all of your items and keep them safe, but in the smallest box you can.

Reduce the Weight of Your Package

Weight is the primary method of costing packages for shipment. Therefore, to reduce the price, you need to keep the weight of your package as low as possible. You can reduce the weight by removing items from their original packaging, wrapping them in lightweight bubble wrap instead of heavy paper and filling the empty space with tissue paper.

Together or Separate

Generally, it is better to pack items in one box and ship them together to lower the cost. However, that isn’t 100 percent true. If your box exceeds the shipper’s weight threshold for a price point, then you may be better off shipping the items in two boxes. Compare the price for both before you ship.

Send It Early

Shipping ground is much cheaper than second-day or one-day air. If you send your package early, you can save a lot on your shipping costs. Your relatives and friends will get their package on time, and you will still have money in your pocket.

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