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Possible Hazards of Shipping Perishable Items

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Shipping anywhere within the country or abroad can pose risks when it comes to perishable items. A perishable item is basically anything with an expiration date. This can mean food, produce, any product that has a short lifespan or a “best when used by” date. Although some items may be able to be used after the posted expiration date, they may not be of the best quality. If you want your items to be delivered on time with no risk of spoilage, you need to know how to deal with some of the most common risks you may face during shipment.

Common Risks

The most common risks associated with perishable items include long delays to not having the right permits or paperwork and equipment failure. Many perishable items require a temperature controlled environment during the shipping process. Any failure to maintain that temperature can result in partial, if not complete, loss of the product.

The Best Ways to Reduce Your Risk

The best ways to reduce risk involve due diligence and common sense. When it comes to your paperwork, make sure you know what forms you will need to ensure acceptance of your shipment. Certain types of food require specific permits before they can be admitted into an international port. The second major concern is spoilage due to equipment failure. Always inspect your equipment to make sure it’s in good working order and is capable of maintaining the desired temperature throughout the haul.

These two risks alone account for much of the loss that occurs during the shipment of perishable items. A long delay or traveling in the wrong environment can result in a major loss. A few simple measures performed before your product leaves your possession can ensure timely delivery and minimal loss.

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