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Preparing for freight shipping to Latin America

Business man Preparing for freight shipping to Latin America

Business man Preparing for freight shipping to Latin AmericaFreight shipping to Latin America or anywhere else in the world can be a complex and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you haven’t done it before or you’re working with a new shipping company. Preparing freight is an important part of the shipping process, helping to ensure your items reach their destination safely and without incident. Here are three important steps to help you make sure your freight is packed properly:

  • Weigh your freight: If your shipment doesn’t meet freight weight limits, you may be subject to a different fee schedule. Weighing ahead of time means you can ask your shipment provider about fees prior to pick up to avoid surprises.
  • Ask about packing and palletizing regulations and requirements: Making sure you understand how to properly package your freight can save a lot of hassles later. Remember: A box or container that looks “good enough” to you may not meet the requirements of your shipping company, so ask before you go to the trouble of boxing and bubble-wrapping.
  • Be prepared with pickup and delivery info: Knowing the pickup and drop-off addresses as well as the weight and dimensions of your shipment will help you get the most accurate estimate for your shipment. Many companies use postal codes to estimate total shipping costs, so be sure to have these handy for both locations.

Finally, for even greater convenience and ease – and to avoid a lot of potential headaches along the way, ask if your shipping provider offers packing and palletizing services for freight shipping to Latin America so you can make sure your shipment arrives intact and on time.

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