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Restrictions for Shipping Internationally

The global economy has made our world smaller with more international commerce requiring shipments from one country to another. Global companies are also sending their employees overseas to live for short- and long-term assignments. This situation means that during holidays people are shipping gifts to their loved ones overseas more often. However, Shipping Internationally is not as simple as shipping within your own. Many countries have restrictions and laws on what cannot be shipped to them without extra tariffs or at all.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

One category that may be restricted is medical supplies and equipment. Before shipping, check the destination country’s postal service for any restrictions or bans. While buying drugs or equipment in another country may be cheaper or more available, you may not be able to ship it where you want.

Food and Drink

Food and drink is one of the most highly restricted categories for shipping. These restrictions are for several reasons. Some bans are to reduce the influx of foreign bugs or diseases that can be passed on to native plants or animals (or people). Others are to help local foodstuffs flourish without competition from outside the country.


Any product category or manufacturer can potentially be restricted for political reasons. If countries are in conflict, competition or reducing trade for sanctions, shipping laws are affected. These occurrences can change on a dime; therefore careful checks of shipping restrictions should be checked before shipping overseas. If you do get caught shipping something illegally, the item will get confiscated and while you are a country away, your recipient may get in hot water. Taking care before shipping overseas is just a good idea all around.

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