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The Risks of Shipping with an International Carrier

The Risks of Shipping with an International Carrier

Shipping products via an international carrier possesses certain risks that national carriers don’t. Products that are sent overseas must be shipped using carriers that have access to international ports. These carriers know the laws for each port and what precautions and protocols must be followed to bring large quantities of merchandise into each location.

Search and Seizures

While most shipments are received without any question, some come from areas that have questionable business practices or are known for packing additional, undocumented cargo on board. The international carrier may have also had issues in the past. Before you hire a specific carrier, you need to look closely at their past record. Determine if they are reputable by researching the company’s history. Carriers who have been known to be involved in transactions that were not completely legitimate may have to agree to a search of the cargo before being allowed to dock. If unlawful merchandise is found, the port authority of the area has the right to seize the product. This can hold up your merchandise for several days until the situation is cleared up.

Lengthy Holds

Depending on the destination of the shipment and how efficient the international carrier is at loading and unloading the merchandise, your merchandise may spend several days in port before it is even unloaded. If you are shipping large quantities of cargo that must be delivered by a certain date and time, it is important to make sure they have a reputation for being both fast and efficient. Ask for testimonials or references that have used the carrier in the past to get a good idea as to their turn around times and whether or not they do everything in their power to deliver their cargo on time and without any problems.

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