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Sending and Saving: 3 Expensive Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

door to door service

Chances are, you’ve used “snail mail” at least once in your life. Though the modern world may be increasingly digital, we still rely on shipping companies to send and receive items. In fact, with online shopping becoming increasingly popular, the shipping industry and door to door services might be on the rise.

Throughout this increase in demand, modern freight logistics companies have managed to keep shipping prices relatively low. However, consumers and businesses alike still manage to make shipping mistakes that increase their overall shipping costs.

No matter where you’re sending your packages, make sure they get to their destination safely and without busting your budget. Whether you’re sending a care package to a friend or using a freight forwarder to manage your online retail business, ensure that you don’t make these three expensive shipping mistakes:

1. Using the Wrong Packaging

Everyone knows that a poorly wrapped package becomes a damaged package. However, using the wrong package can also increase your overall shipping costs. If your box or envelope doesn’t keep the contents safe, you’ve already lost money on that item. Sometimes, however, individuals spend more than necessary on packaging. Choosing too large a box and then filling it with padding can increase the overall weight of the package, and therefore increase the price of shipping or door to door service. Additionally, some people buy new packages to send items, while neglecting the perfectly adequate cardboard boxes in their closet. For eco-friendly and more affordable transportation, use recycled boxes and bags to ship your goods.

2. Forgetting the Details

Both domestic shipping and international shipping can become an expensive headache if you fail to do careful research about the shipping process. When filling out addresses, be sure to double check that you’ve got every detail correct. Otherwise, the package may be returned to you, and you’ll have to spend double the time and money to get the item to its destination.

3. Ignoring Helpful Technologies

Finally, ensure that your package is sent quickly and affordably by utilizing the plethora of online estimators and trackers available. Whether you choose a door to door service or international freight shipping services, monitoring your package’s progress online can ensure the box gets where it’s going on time, and it gives you the power to ask for your money back should something go awry.

Whatever you plan to ship, make sure that you’re getting the best rates available. Don’t make these three simple mistakes to ensure that your shipping experience is top-notch. For more information, contact us at JML Corporation today!

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