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Services You Need when Shipping in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands Shipping

Shipping from Miami to the British Virgin Islands, and vice versa, is a standard procedure for most businesses located in South Florida or the Caribbean. Considering how close the locations are to one another, one would think the shipping process would be simple or not require any additional tasks. Despite the little distance between the two, there are additional services any business would need when shipping to the British Virgin Islands. 

Customs Clearance 
International shipping policies still apply to the British Virgin Islands. Any shipment coming from international territories needs customs clearance. This also applies to any shipment going to international territories. Before shipping, a business must have the paperwork necessary to appease customs wherever the shipment is being sent to. Which is why hiring a shipping company to take care of this paperwork beforehand is a recommended option. 

Transportation and Distribution Options 
Often when a shipment makes it to port, it is up to the owner of the shipment to manage the rest of the transportation and distribution details. This can be a hassle and increase additional costs to the shipment’s owner. To avoid such a situation, a business planning on shipping from Miami to the British Virgin Islands needs to ensure they have access to plenty of transportation and distribution options through their shipping company. 

Relocating or Branching to the British Virgin Islands 
While this may not apply to everyone, but it is common for a business located in Miami to either relocate or open a new branch in the British Virgin Islands. Relocation services differ from normal shipments because these items are personal belongings as opposed to products needed to be sold. These shipments need extra handling and care upon transportation. 

Consolidation for Air and Sea Shipping 
​If shipping from Miami to the British Virgin Islands is a normal, every day practice for a business, they need to have their packages consolidated into one shipment. Sending multiple international packages increases costs drastically. A proper solution to this problem is to combine all these packages into one single shipment. This avoids the extra costs, better ensures every package is delivered, and guarantees no packages are lost along the way. 

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