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Shipping Air or Ocean Freight

air and ocean cargo logistic solutions

COVID-19 has presented numerous challenges to the world, including to shippers with rate changes and delays. Although restrictions have become less rigid, society is still entering the post-pandemic phase and many have become uncertain on whether to choose air or ocean freight. The answer to the question – should I ship air or ocean? -, is one that depends vastly on your shipment’s size, weight, contents, and how fast you need your goods. Here are some things to consider to choose the best option. 

Air Shipping 

For small or light shipments perhaps shipping air could be the best option. It may cost more, let’s say that an 85kg shipment might be around $400-$600, but your package will arrive within days rather than weeks. This is of great benefit for retail goods as it is also safer. Nowadays the price for air freight has increased due to restrictions and limited space prioritized for medical supplies. 

Ocean Freight 

Ocean freight is usually cheaper in comparison to air, especially for larger shipments. Prices are also less fluctuating than air freight and some even offer faster transit times. A $200 ocean shipment can cost more than triple the amount of air. A good characteristic about ocean freight is that it offers more capacity, one container can hold a lot of goods. Ocean freight is slower and delays may happen. However, for the environment, ocean freight is great since it has a much better carbon footprint than air freight. 

At JML Corporation we provide the best air and ocean cargo logistic solutions for inbound and outbound deliveries. At JML we make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely to identify and provide the solution tailored to meet your needs. Our highest priority is satisfied customers and we are fully committed to serving you and earning your business. Contact us today!

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