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Shipping Chocolates Overseas

Shipping Chocolates

Chocolates are often the chosen gift for shipping to friends and family or even to clients as a thank you. Unfortunately, if your recipients are overseas, you may have to choose an alternative. Food items are banned from shipping across country and continental lines in some parts of the world to prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, check beforehand to make sure your recipient will get the chocolate you sends. Otherwise, it may end up in a customs office or back at your door. To circumvent this problem, you can order chocolates from within the country you are shipping to send to your recipient.


Chocolates are best sent during the cooler seasons of the year. Warm and hot temperatures cause chocolate to melt or degrade. Therefore, you should check the weather enroute to your recipient unless you are shipping in a refrigerated truck. Many food shippers do refrigerate their transportation. In the United States, shipping chocolate from October through March is fine. Outside of those dates, hand delivery is best.


For chocolate going to another country, investigate the methods of shipping and shipping time. Make sure that your shipment is in a study box that will not get crushed. For this issue, shipping by air is ideal. The shipping time will be less than one week in most locations and generally no more than one month. One of the problems with sending food items that are universally liked such as chocolate that in locations with less than professional services, they may get stolen. This problem is another reason for shipping by air with a professional courier.

Large Shipments

For large shipments, shipping your chocolates on a pallet will keep them from jostling and damage. The less they move around, the better off they will arrive at their destination. Extra padding is needed when shipping more than one box of chocolates because they are soft and easy to damage.

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