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Shipping Christmas Gifts Overseas

Shipping Christmas Gifts Overseas

With the fourth quarter here, both businesses and individuals increase their number and size of shipments inside the United States and overseas. With so many packages moving in various modes of transportation, it is important to ensure that shipments are packed in such a way to remain safe and in good condition from pickup to delivery. No one likes to receive a broken package in the mail.

Box within a Box


One of the best methods of protecting your shipment is the box within a box packing technique. Each level of cardboard adds a layer of insulation to your package. If you pack your shipment in a box with cushioning, then put that box inside another box, you will have a much better percentage of whole shipments reach their destination without any significant damage. For items that are more fragile, add more space between the inside and outside box by using a larger outer box. Then add more insulation between them. The best insulation leaves air between layers to allow for some movement. Movement between the boxes lessens the impact inside the smaller inner box.

Insulation Packing Materials


Materials vary from industry to industry for insulating fragile items. Items such as bubble wrap, peanuts, various weights of wrapping paper and cardboard separators are all possible ways to keep individual and boxes of items from shifting or bumping together during shipment.

Standard Shipping


If your items are not fragile, you can often just increase the weight of your cardboard or wrapping paper to keep your shipments better insulated during this busy time of year. If you are not sure, discuss your needs with your shipping service for options and alternate methods of shipping.

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