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Shipping FAQ: What Is Door To Door Transportation?

door to door transportation

We live in miraculous times. People all over the world are able to access goods, products, and services from anywhere they can think of, and that’s all thanks to incredible advancements in shipping services. From inter-modal transportation to sea and ocean cargo, goods of all kinds can be shipped in record time. In fact, according to plane manufacturer Boeing, cargo only aircraft handle roughly 60% of global air freight-shipments.

In a world where consumers have grown accustomed to two-day delivery, the concept of door to door shipping is getting increasing attention. Unfortunately, this term can be confusing for people outside of the shipping and logistics world, especially since companies use the term “door to door shipping” in different ways. If you have questions about this shipping service, here is a quick breakdown of what exactly door to door service are, the pros and cons, and when it may be the right option for you.

What are door to door services?
In door to door transport, an item such as an automotive is picked up by the transport company and delivered as close to the chosen destination as possible. The door to door shipping company guarantees that the product will be picked up and delivered to the precise points chosen by the end customer. In the case of an automotive, the car can be delivered right to your house. However, in many cases, door to door services don’t actually deliver to a consumer’s front door. More often, the item is delivered on a street near the residence, to an office, storage unit, or warehouse.

For domestic shipping, door to door transport usually implies that a single company, and often a single vehicle, will be used to transport the item from point A to point B. In the case of automotive shipping, your vehicle would be loaded onto a truck, and it would remain on that same truck, until it gets delivered to the final destination. Of course, for international shipments, this is impossible. However, the same principle applies. A single company will arrange the shipment of the item from pickup to final delivery.

What are the benefits of door to door services?
For customers buying shoes online and businesses arranging international shipments of heavy equipment, door to door shipping is very convenient. The product will be delivered very near to the desired location, recipient does not have to waste time driving to a terminal or a different location.

More importantly, you will not need to waste time coordinating with two freight forwarders in two separate countries. The shipping agents will ensure the item is delivered to the port of origin and from the port of destination.

Are there any cons with door to door transport?
The downside to this is that door to door services are not ideal for all locations. Some movers cannot make clearance in the residential area, or they aren’t legally allowed access. Also, because it is a specialty shipping service, door to door transport may be more expensive.

So, is door to door transport right for you? It all depends on your preference, needs, and budget. If you are willing to pay extra for the convenience and want to avoid complications, then this may be the shipping solution you’ve been looking for.

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