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Shipping Food Gifts to College Students

College students always love to receive care packages from home, especially around exam time. It is tempting for parents to send all of their children’s favorite foods when they are missed. In most cases, shipping food to students is easy to accomplish as long as some simple rules are followed and you are aware of the shelf life of the foods you are sending. Here are some tips to make sure all of your care packages arrive in excellent condition and ready to eat.

Tips for Shipping Food Gifts

  • Allow for things to go wrong. It is common sense to remember that packages can be delayed, tossed around or misplaced during shipment. Although these occurrences rarely happen, if they do, some foods can spoil. Therefore, when packaging your shipment and deciding on method of shipment, include time for mishaps.
  • Pack food securely with extra cushioning. Even the least fragile foods can be damaged during shipment. It is best to line the packed with bubble wrap or crunched-up paper to pad for movement enroute. If shipping bottles or jars made from glass, separate them from each other with a cardboard grid or box inside your shipping container.
  • Consider the season. During warm weather months, refrain from shipping foods that melt unless you send them overnight in dry ice. It is better to send chocolates during cool or cold weather.
  • Track important shipments. With modern technology, it is simple to track packages from sender to recipient. Most companies have online tracking systems, so you can follow the package as it travels. If you need confirmation that the package has been received, make sure you get a tracking number.
  • Address packages properly. Take the time to confirm the address of your recipient. If you get the house number or zip code wrong, your package can be delayed for weeks. It only takes an extra minute or two to look up the address.
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