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When Shipping an Item, How Much Time Do You Need to Allow For Delivery?


Keeping deadlines and maintaining a strict schedule are extremely important if you want to remain in business. If you shipping across the country, the obstacles you face will be few. Primarily, obstacles occur when a package is oversized or contains chemicals or elements that need to be secured or handled in a specific way. Both of these aspects play a role in how the object will have to be transported. Shipping internationally, however, is much more complicated.

Know the Import/Export Guidelines for Your Destination

When shipping outside of the continental United States, your parcels must pass several checkpoints as they leave the US and as they enter their port of destination. The contents must be completely detailed in the bill of lading, as well as any specific conditions as to its handling. Certain types of materials may need to be inspected. This process can take hours, and sometimes even days if the port authority and customs agents are busy.

Have all of Your Paperwork in Order

If you are shipping products internationally, the paperwork will determine who quickly it moves through certain checkpoints. One glitch in the paperwork can halt your package in transit for an indeterminate amount of time until a clarification has been made or the proper paperwork has been received. Check with the port of entry before placing your shipment to ensure you have everything that is needed to expedite the process.

Making sure each piece of freight reaches its destination on or before the shipping deadline is an important aspect of doing business. You will need to research what is required to ship freight to certain ports of entry. Knowing these guidelines and having the right paperwork will make the shipping process easy and successful.

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