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Why Shipping to and From Miami Makes Sense

Businesses exist in all corners of the world, and no matter where they are good customer service and efficiency in shipping are important to their success.. No matter who is receiving a package or its size, the expectation is that that delivery be as affordable as possible, that it arrives quickly, and  that  the contents stay well protected on every leg of the journey. When there are fewer stops  along the way, there is a higher likelihood that these things will happen, and customers will stay satisfied. One great way to increase this efficiency is shipping to and from Miami.


Regardless of where your package starts, and where it ultimately needs to go, Miami is the perfect hub to get it to your final destination fast. Miami is perfectly situated to reach customers anywhere in the world. When it  comes to shipping cargo, Miami is the place to be. Miami International Airport  does more shipping  throughout the Caribbean and Latin America than any other location, and controls both the flow of cargo throughout the Western Hemisphere. Latin America and the Caribbean export 81%  of their goods to Miami, and handles 83% of air imports from the region. MIA’s distribution capabilities  make it an excellent hub for all types of shipments including perishable products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, hi-tech commodities, and more. The key to efficient delivery of your company’s cargo is to get it to Miami, and from there it can go almost anywhere.

Of course, shipping products is only one part of your business. Whether you’re sending off a single item or a large bulk shipment it’s important to work with a shipping and fulfillment company that can properly trick anything you send, so that both you and your customers knows what is happening as it moves from point A to its final destination, and anywhere in between.

At JML Deliverit, we’ve made sure that we are perfectly situated to take in and ship out cargo of all sizes. Our primary offices are located just outside of Miami. For greater efficiency, we consolidate bulk cargo at our Miami receiving warehouse with 14,600 square feet of space, and we work with companies as purchasing agents, freight forwarders, and in international delivery. We have a variety of daily and weekly departures that head out to more than  destinations  in the Caribbean and Latin America, and for further support we also maintain offices in the British Virgin Islands. For more than a decade we’ve been the cargo logistics solutions for both inbound and outbound deliveries traveling by both air and sea. Contact us to find out what we can do for your business.

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