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Shipping Tips: 5 Steps to Perfect Packaging

Shipping Tips

If you want to avoid higher than average shipping costs and reduce your risk of breakage, it’s important that you learn how to package your items properly. The following steps will help you keep your shipping fees under control and minimize the risk of an item breaking while it’s en route to its destination.

1. Choose the right size box. There should be enough room to place a small amount of packing material on every side of the item. If the item is very delicate, choose a box that is somewhat larger than what is actually needed. This will allow you to include more packing material to secure the object inside the box.

2. Choose a lightweight packing material like starch peanuts or bubble wrap. If you want to use newspaper, wad it up and stuff it firmly in the creases. Although bubble wrap is a better choice, newsprint will work in a pinch as long as your item is wrapped in plastic so the ink doesn’t transfer.

3. If you’re using bubble wrap, tape it in place so it doesn’t shift during shipment. Put the invoice next to the item so it remains securely inside the box.

4. When closing the box, make sure to tape each end securely so that an edge won’t be snagged or get caught on a sharp object.

 5. Your shipping label should be easy to read and placed appropriately on the package. If you aren’t sure where to put the shipping label, ask a shipping clerk when you drop it off at the post office or shipping center.

If you have questions about how to package an item or it needs a special type of container, talk to a shipping specialist at your carrier. They will be able to help you find the perfect solution, no matter what type of item you are shipping. 

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