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Steps To Take If Your Cargo Is Lost or Stolen

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Accidents happen. Cargo shipments can be lost due to miscommunications or simply stolen from off the truck. Accidents can happen that damage the label so that it is unreadable. The same is true for bar codes or other methods of identifying packages. If your package doesn’t arrive on time, your first step is to start to trace its path. With today’s technology, carriers have the ability to track many packages by shipment.

Always Insure Your Shipments

Before any package leaves your dock, it needs to be insured for its replacement value. Having insurance ensures that you will be compensated if your package is lost, damaged, or stolen. You will need to have accurate documentation of what is contained in the package and an estimate of its value, both wholesale and retail.

Have All Of Your Paperwork In Order

Once you’ve determined that your package has been stolen or lost and not stuck in transit, you will need to collect all of the paperwork for the shipment. This includes receipts, your bill of lading, and any insurance paperwork. The paperwork for each shipment should be kept in a separate folder until confirmation has been received that your package has reached its destination.

File A Claim With Your Carrier

File a claim with your carrier. Each carrier has different protocols concerning how to file a claim for a lost or stolen package. Call your carrier and follow their instructions.

If you have a shipment that is lost or stolen, file your claim immediately. The sooner you file your claim, the quicker you will receive compensation for your loss. Filing a claim will also speed up the investigation and maybe provide you with the answers you need about what happened to your package.

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