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The advantages of using a central Caribbean shipping port

Caribbean shipping

If you do business with customers in the Caribbean basin, you know it can be a challenging getting a container of products to the area that need to be transferred to a variety of Caribbean Islands. Shipping to a centrally-located port like Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands (BVI) can help in a number of ways.

Advantages to shipping to Virgin Gorda

1. Less expensive distribution costs. By shipping your goods to Virgin Gorda, you’ll pay less to move those goods forward to their final destinations, since BVI is centrally-located, near major industrial and commercial centers in the Caribbean.

2. Stability. Unlike some Caribbean nations, BVI has a very stable government. BVI is a British Overseas Territory. That means it falls under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.

3. Large number of BVI-based shipping companies.  When you ship your containers to the BVI, you’ll have a large number of excellent freight companies from which to choose, including JML . This means you’ll find competitive pricing and plenty of services. Plus, many companies will consolidate your shipment with those of other customers, so you won’t have to wait until you have enough goods to fill an entire container.

To learn more about shipping your goods to the British Virgin Islands, visit or contact us at (insert contact info here). We have offices in the United States, Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands and can ship your goods to more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, including Virgin Gorda.

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