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The British Virgin Islands Play an Important Role in International Shipping

BVI cargo and shipping

If you or your company is doing business on a regular basis, chances are it is global, which means you need a strong U.S. base as well as an international base that will allow for smooth customs checks and prompt delivery of quality products.  At JML DeliverIT, we have both bases covered by having a port in the Miami area in the United States, as well as the British Virgin Islands (BVI). 

To some, BVI just sounds like a delightful vacation stop, and although it is that it also makes for an easier process when it comes to international shipping and delivery, largely due to the high level of cooperation by the BVI government.

  • The BVI Shipping Registry has strong values that we are comfortable working with. Some of these values include
  • Prioritizing the safety and security of products, and the people who are involved in the shipping process.
  • Mindful of potential pollution in order to keep crews safe
  • Strong training and evaluation of personnel and routes for vessels navigating in the area

Fewer Complications

The British Virgin Islands is under English Common Law jurisdiction and has the protection that is given to British ships. They are known for their tax neutrality and for being a successful and reputable financial center and are internationally recognized for their standard for construction and equipping large yachts via the Large Yacht Code.

BVI cargo and shipping ventures are a major contributor to their economy, along with tourism…. it is a great place to visit. They are great support for both imports and exports, with some of the most common imports to include fresh fruit, fish, rum, and animals. They also take in imports ranging from food to automobiles and building materials.

JML offers a variety of shipping and purchasing services in the U.S., British Virgin Islands as well as Latin America. To learn more how we can help your business, contact us today.

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