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The Difference Between Air and Ocean Logistics

air and ocean logistics

You might not understand just how important air and ocean logistics are. According to the United States Department of Transportation, by value, ocean vessels transport 53% and 38% of United States imports and exports, respectively. The rest are moved by road and air. Here are some differences between air and ocean logistics.


There are significant differences between air and ocean logistics when it comes to the safety of goods being transported. Air transportation is significantly safer. This means your goods will have the least risk of getting damaged during transportation. You might be thinking that there is a risk that the plane will crash. That’s true, but that risk is very minimal. Regarding how goods are handled, stored, and secured, airport regulations go above and beyond. The people who handle your goods follow stringent rules. Apart from that, air transportation is super fast; this means that items that expire are less likely to do so on the way.


As you might imagine, taking a safer and faster mode of freight will come at a cost. Air is the most expensive mode of delivery that you can go with. However, while speed and safety are very important, you should be very careful not to overextend your budget. If you spend all your money on transportation, you can end up with no profits. Some retailers will decide to pass on the costs of transportation to their customers in the instance that they want their goods delivered super fast. Either way, you should only choose air if there is a significant need to do so.


In this category, planes don’t fare so well. This is where cargo ships shine. They can carry massive amounts of cargo. The best thing about transporting things by sea is that it doesn’t really matter what shape the things you are planning to transport are. Ships carry any kind of equipment. You can move heavy machinery, cars, or any other large product you want to transport. This means transporting goods via ocean logistics would be a great idea if you have many heavy things that you want to ship at the same time.

These are some of the differences between air and ocean logistics. It’s important to look into these differences before you choose the mode of transport you want to use. Get in touch with JML Corporation today if you’re planning to move goods and need help choosing the right mode of transportation.

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