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The Sky’s the Limit With Air Cargo Shipping — Here’s Why

Air Cargo Shipping

For island countries or countries that are otherwise pretty isolated, air freight cargo is a link to the rest of the world, bringing in much-needed supplies and exporting goods for sale. American air cargo plays an important role in shipping, and Miami shipping cargo is an important hub to the Caribbean. Having good certified purchasing agents at either end and working with smart cargo companies who know air and ocean logistics like the back of their hands makes inbound and outbound deliveries a breeze. American air cargo services help get materials and goods from Point A to Point B in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Air cargo shipping has revolutionized the way we transport goods — from perishable foods to energy and even services. Here are the ways air cargo transport can expedite shipping and why your business should take advantage.

Why is Air Cargo One of the Best Ways to Ship Goods?

Ground shipping makes up a big percentage of how we receive our goods, but drivers are subject to weather conditions, traffic, and other factors. They’re on the road with everyone else — commuters, tourists, people getting from work to home to school to the store, and so forth. Air cargo services are certainly subject to weather conditions and traffic too, but often on a smaller scale. And cargo airlines only handle cargo on a national and international scale, so they’re not handling passengers or those kinds of timetables and delays. Overall, air cargo has the lowest rate of impediment when it comes to transporting goods.

Air cargo services are vital to managing and controlling how resources flow from production to the final sales destination. Whether it’s products, services, people, information, energy, or goods, air cargo services are the conduit. It was reported in 2012, almost $6.5 trillion of cargo was transported using the global aviation industry.

How Does This Benefit My Business?

Air freight services are much more controlled, which means that their shipping processes tend to be safer. This control is usually because the cargo is very time sensitive (think, perishable goods, for example). This leads to a more efficient cargo shipping process and reduced transportation times. This means that the risk of damage to your products is lower and the ultimate delivery of the products has a higher quality.

American air cargo to the Caribbean out of Miami, for example, will eliminate the need for a connection between the two. The products will be handled by fewer people, subject to fewer inspections, and reduce the risk of the goods being damaged in transit. Not having to eat those losses and having more products on the shelf will ultimately save your business money, which is a win.

There are also different approaches your business can take when it comes to air freight, so you can choose the one that best fits your company’s needs. Whether it’s quicker “next flight out” kind of shipping, consolidating your shipping with others, or waiting to ship until space becomes available, you can modify according to what you need.

Is There an Even More Eco-Friendly Shipping Option?

Direct cargo transportation services are one way to keep your shipping more eco-friendly, thanks to reduced time and stops along the way. Consolidating your shipments with others also ensures that aircraft aren’t taking off only partially filled and expending that energy and fuel on a half-empty plane.

Making an effort to use recycled boxes and bags — and encouraging your consumers to also recycle — can make a difference as well. Sustainable packaging is also becoming more widely available, and being known for eco-friendly practices can be a good boost for your business.

Working with American air cargo is a smart move for getting your products and services where they need to go swiftly and safely. Get talking with cargo companies and see how they can help move your business along.

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