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The SL-Tainer – The First Cargo Container with Legs

Cargo Container

You would think that there are not many new advances happening in the world of cargo shipping today. However, you would be wrong! There are constantly advances and updates being made in the world of shipping and transportation—cargo shipping is no exception. One of the newest changes and potentially the biggest game changers is the creation and implementation of the SLTainer—a new shipping container unlike anything ever seen.

What is the SL-Tainer?

At first glance, the SL-Tainer looks like any other shipping container that would be used to transport goods overseas. However, there is one big difference. The SL-Tainer has legs. Yes, legs pop out from these containers, allowing them to lift themselves on and off a truck—even when they are fully loaded.

Why is this Important?

Today, shipping containers are used more than ever before. While cranes will still be needed to get them onto and off a cargo ship, having the ability to cut out the middleman when dealing with trucks is a big timesaver. The company launching the product sees the SL-Tainer as potentially having many applications. It will be able to deliver cargo in rural areas, or other places where cranes may not be available or are too expensive–such as in the middle of a city. It also makes it easier for these shipping containers to be used for temporary shelters (such as for a ticket booth or office).

While the SL-Tainer is not out “in the wild” yet, this is just a few short months away, and the product is already being tested. There is a high likelihood that this product will bring many benefits not only to the transportation industry but many others as well.

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