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The top freight forwarder most popular trends of 2021

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The world is changing every day, so how can you stay ahead of the changes as a freight forwarder? By learning from the past, applying new trends, and researching about upcoming advances in the industry we can prepare for the new opportunities and challenges in the shipping business. Here are some insights on the top freight forwarder trends that have ruled 2021.

Continued Digitization

Digitization is the single most important trend in freight forwarding. Traditional freight bookings and other aspects of the business are being rapidly digitalized and it’s best for freight businesses to go with the age of information instead of against it. The important thing is knowing what to automate, what to digitize, and what parts of your company to outsource to save your business money and time.

The Rise of AI

AI can provide better price optimization and see problems you didn’t even think were there. It can also make decisions based on more information than any of its employees. Artificial intelligence can be hugely beneficial to your business and getting on board with it should be one of your priorities for the next upcoming years.

Outsourcing eCommerce

You can face technical, financial, and marketing problems by handling your eCommerce. eCommerce outsourcing is the practice of using third-party companies or services to create goods and provide services. Nowadays some specialists can give you a hand instead of having in-house people that are not prepared for the task. Outsourcing eCommerce is one of the most effective ways for businesses to cut costs and become more efficient.


Unfortunately, the shipping and logistics industry is open to cyberattacks just like any other. Many businesses in this industry lack the know-how to defend themselves against these types of digital attacks. Malware, hackers, and bots can infiltrate systems and go mining for data and it can cost hundreds of millions if the wrong people get their hands on the right stuff. Therefore investing in cybersecurity is key to keeping your data, employees, and business secure.

The success of your business depends on many things. At JML we make sure to follow all current trends to avoid setbacks and keep being one of the leading freight forwarders in Miami.

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