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Tips for Palletized Shipping

palletized shipment

When people decide to palletize a shipment, they are making a decision to group their goods and stack them on a pallet. This leads to standardized shipping and handling that can cut down on costs; however, it is important that people palletize their shipment correctly. Some of the tips that everyone should keep in mind are discussed below.

Try to Use Standard Sizes and Measurements

The whole point of palletizing a shipment is to consolidate it into an easy load that can be handled efficiently. This is how people cut costs. If the shipment is palletized but they are still using custom measurements, it defeats the purpose and will only lead to higher overhead expenses. It can also place the cargo at risk if the order isn’t handled safely.

Check the Regulations of the Destination

If the cargo is being shipped across international borders, there might be some restrictions on the packing method. Some countries have placed heavy restrictions on wooden packing. Make sure to check the regulations of the final destination. This can prevent serious problems from developing upon arrival.

Reinforce the Cargo 

While people may think that reinforcing the boxes will lead to higher overhead costs, this is only a slight increase for a greater piece of mind. The fact remains that some boxes that are used to palletize shipments may not be strong enough to hold up against the wear and tear of a transfer. Take some time and reinforce the boxes, especially if the cargo is fragile. This can prevent a disaster from occurring during the shipping process.

These are a few tips that represent some of the easiest ways that people can prevent common problems from developing when palletizing a shipment. Take these steps to an easier and more efficient shipping process in the future.

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