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Tips to Select the Best Freight Broker for Your Company

Freight Broker

A freight broker serves as a liaison between shippers and carriers, it facilitates communication between these two. They are the ones to make sure the freight arrives safely in all aspects. If you or your company are looking to partner with a freight broker here are some tips or critical points to select the best broker for your business. 

Properly Licensed  

When it comes to legalities it is extremely important to be careful with companies that present themselves as freight brokers but don’t have the required licensing. Make sure the broker you choose to work with has a federal property broker license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA.

Financial Stability

Financial strength is a critical point. Make sure they have not fallen out of the market or are bankrupt. 


There are websites that help validate the freight brokerage, you can also find out if the broker has kept up with its insurance requirements.  


When choosing a freight broker to partner with doing a reference check is a good idea.  Also, look to see if the broker is a member trade association. 

Carrier Compliance

Your broker’s carriers will soon be your carriers, so make sure to ask how they qualify them. For example, high-quality brokers have 1,000’s of asset carriers under a contract that they monitor every day.

Years in Service 

This is one of common sense, but important nevertheless. It is relieving knowing the freight broker has been in business for a certain period of years.  This shows that they know how to execute for their customers and operate a business.

Multiple Services Offered

The more services a freight broker offers, the more opportunity there is to grow with them. 

The freight broker you choose will almost become part of your team, therefore taking these points into consideration will save you issues and help you choose the best option to partner with.

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