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Top Choices for Packing Fragile Items for Shipping

When you are packing fragile items, what is the best way to ensure that they are safe? Beyond the packing peanut, which has its place but is not always the best option, consider these packing choices.

Bubble Wrap

Known in the industry as “air-encapsulated plastic,” bubble wrap is available in both the small bubbles and larger cell bubbles to protect and cushion lightweight items. Wrapping small items with multiple layers is an effective way to protect them, and this works well on corners and edges specifically.

Inflatable Air Bags

Larger than bubble wrap, inflatable air bags are a void-fill material that does not add weight to the package, but fills unfilled space to prevent items from shifting in the package during shipment. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures will affect the amount of air in the inflatable packaging.

Engineered Foam

A foam enclosure precisely engineered for the item being shipped ensures that it des not shift at all. This is ideal for electronics and other high-ticket items that justify a custom packing option.


Foam-in-place is a specialized foam that is sprayed into the box to form itself around the contents. Even foam distribution around the contents is essential, but it can be an effective way to cover and protect oddly-shaped items.

Corrugated and Paper

Fill For items that have large voids inside, like a vase, crumpled paper fill or corrugated cardboard form, can fill that space and provided added security and stability to the item. Packaging peanuts have their place, but when you are packaging fragile items, you need to think past the peanuts. With these additional items, you can ensure that your items are safe and protected. If you have additional questions about packing practices, JML is happy to help.

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