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Top Consumer Markets in the Caribbean

Caribbean shipping

The British Virgin Islands are ideally located in the center of the Caribbean’s top consumer markets, making it an affordable and convenient port to ship your goods. Being close to these markets helps reduce your costs of getting your goods to market and allows you to complete orders more quickly, resulting in happier wholesale and retail customers. Just where are these major Caribbean markets?

Top Caribbean markets

The Caribbean region is home to more than 70 million consumers. In addition, six to seven million over-night tourists visit the region annually. Below are the top population centers.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Home to more than 2.1 million residents, Puerto Rico’s largest city is a thriving, modern metropolis. Beyond the tourist centers of Old San Juan and Condado Beach, you’ll find a bustling city with a host of manufacturing plants.

2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The largest city in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo is home to more than 3.6 million residents. The city, which sits on the south shore of the Dominican Republic, has a stable economy and a thriving middle class population. This Caribbean capital city has been experiencing a building boom, with dozens of residential apartment buildings, shopping centers and business parks being constructed in recent years.

3. Kingston, Jamaica. Another major Caribbean market, Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica, is home to more than 1.1 million people. The city is the island’s banking and transportation center as well as home to corporations, such as Air Jamaica and Desnoes and Geddes brewers.

To learn more shipping goods to and from ports in the British Virgin Islands and being close to all the major Caribbean consumer markets, visit JML has offices in the United States, the Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands to best serve your shipping needs.

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