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Top Three Ways to Save Money When Shipping Items Abroad


Shipping on an international level can be extremely expensive. While meeting the needs of global customers is a must, you don’t have to lose your profits doing it. Learning how to ship your products efficiently can save you thousands of dollars a year on shipping and receiving costs. Before finalizing any shipping or transportation arrangements, take the time to do a little research. You will be surprised how much money can be saved just by making a few small changes in how your ship your items.

Palletize Your Items

Loose items are harder to track and will sometimes get lost in the constant movement from place to place. By palletizing your shipments, you keep everything in one convenient location. The bill of lading is much simpler and there is less confusion when loading and unloading a single pallet instead of numerous smaller packages.

Reduce Weight Whenever Possible

By palletizing your items, you may be able to do away with some of the extra packaging that can often add excessive weight to the shipment. While it is important to protect the product, palletizing offers more stability than just simply shipping the package. There is less vibration and jolting due to the pallet being shrink-wrapped or tapped to ensure it stays fully contained.

Don’t Rush the Process

Choosing a slower shipping method can reduce shipping costs substantially. Make sure to ship the product well before the final deadline and you can send it for much less money. Often times, the slower method of transportation is also much more stable and produces less breakage than faster methods.

If a company wants to maintain its standing as an international business, it is important to use every means possible to make the venture a profitable one. That includes keeping shipping costs to a minimum. There are several tricks that can be used to make global transit much more affordable.

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