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Tracking Shipments During Weather Delays

Anyone that ships packages nationally or internationally is probably aware of how winter weather can affect important shipments. Cold weather ice and snow can severely impact how quickly shipments arrive at their destination. Winter weather can affect both ground and air transportation because it can create icy roads that are too dangerous to traverse and to allow aircraft to take off. Depending on what happens during a winter slow down, your package can get stuck in one location for several days. Here are some tips on Tracking Shipments During Weather Delays.

Once your package is enroute to your customer, it can be difficult to impossible to track it down depending on how it is shipped. Here are some tips to help during winter shipping seasons:

  • During months of the year that shipments are likely to be delayed by winter weather, allow a few extra days.
  • Listen to weather predictions, and alter shipping plans accordingly. For instance, air shipments get priority over ground shipments.
  • Always add a tracking number to all shipments.
  • Inform your customer immediately when a shipment is delayed for more than 24 hours.
  • Understand that tracking systems can only tell your shipper what city or building the package is located in, but not the precise coordinates. They most likely cannot find it in a short period of time because it is in a pallet or bundle of other packages. If you need the item there before it is release, you may need to send a duplicate.
  • Each shipper’s tracking system works differently. Just because FedEx found your package last time, doesn’t mean that all shippers can find a package in a snowstorm.
  • Be polite and reasonable when tracking a package with a shipper on the phone. They get hundreds and possibly thousands of calls from people tracking packages in severe weather. They are more likely to help you when you are polite and cooperative. Remember, even shippers cannot control the weather.
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