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Understanding the American Air Cargo Industry

American air cargo

The American air cargo industry is booming. According to IBIS, about 30% of the shipping industry’s value is in the air cargo industry. This industry stays busy carrying goods across the country and around the globe and is essential to the economy since it’s closed the gap between economies across the globe. Here’s what you need to know about the air cargo industry.

The Four Arms of Air Cargo

The air cargo industry is tasked with shipping goods and products around the globe. There are primarily four modes of air transportation that are used in the industry, including passenger plane carriers, air cargo plane carriers, express air cargo carriers, and combination carriers. These four models make up the entire air cargo industry. Keep reading to learn about each of the four models and how they contribute.

Passenger Plane Carriers

While the first responsibility of a passenger line is the passengers, in some cases, the cargo area on the plane is rented out. Passenger planes have large cargo areas. To make the most of the space on the plane, they will lease the space out. Usually, this option is for smaller shipments.

Air Cargo Carriers

Air cargo carriers focus solely on moving cargo from airport to airport, and these carriers don’t have passenger planes in their fleet. Cargo carriers can carry a lot of weight, including full-sized pallets, and they move containerized cargo. Most of the company’s names you won’t recognize unless you’re in the logistics industry.

Express Air Cargo

Integrate express carriers are the ones that bring products to your door. FedEx and other delivery companies move both containerized goods for producers and provide transport services from producers to end users. These carriers offer integrated services.

Most people are happy to know that goods are being transported efficiently and that air cargo companies are ensuring the products they need are available. If you have cargo to move, then take advantage of American air cargo to move it quickly. Learn more today by giving us a call!

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