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Understanding the Job Description for Purchasing Agent Personnel

job description for purchasing agent

According to International Air Transport Association, the global aviation industry transported over $6 trillion worth of cargo in 2012, which probably wouldn’t have happened without the vital input of purchasing agent personnel. For starters, the agents source products and coordinate the movement of cargo from place to place. So, if you’re looking to understand the skills and job purview of purchasing agents, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the job description of a purchasing agent.

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Purchasing Agent

Simply put, a purchasing agent helps a company find usable or resellable products. Their duties include finding suppliers, researching goods and services, and processing purchasing orders. Below is a highlight of the specific responsibilities in the job description for purchasing agent.

  • Evaluating suppliers and looking keenly at the price and quality of materials available for reuse or resell.
  • Visiting the suppliers’ facilities and learning about the products and services.
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers or vendors and ensuring they get the best deal for the company.
  • Confirming the purchases against a master list and recommending other options in the event some products are irrelevant or expensive.
  • Authorizing transactions and payments, updating inventories, and maintaining receipts.
  • Attending trade shows on behalf of the company to meet potential suppliers and learn market trends.

Preferred Competencies

When you read through a job description for purchasing agent, you’re likely to find a list of competencies listed. Here are the top two:

  • Customer focus: A purchasing agent should be ready to meet the requirements of each customer. They should have a customer mindset and develop strong relationships with potential business partners by gaining their trust and respect.
  • Business sharpness: Purchasing is an essential part of business operations. Therefore, a purchasing agent needs to know how different parts of business work. Specifically, they need to develop tactics and strategies to operate in the marketplace and understand the competition.

You now know what to expect when looking through a job description for purchasing agent. In general, you want to work with reputable and skilled professionals with extensive experience. The whole idea is to find dependable experts who can manage your procurement chains and guarantee results. Call us today and we’ll offer suitable solutions to your purchasing needs.

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