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Using JML for your US online shopping

JML Online Shopping

Online shopping is convenient and can bring the world marketplace right to your living room, even when you live off of the beaten path. This is especially helpful if you live in the Caribbean, where stores have limited inventory and most goods have to be shipped into your island. In fact, you can sometimes find goods online for less money than you can at home, even with shipping. However, not every online store, auction site or individual seller will ship to an address in the Caribbean. That’s where JML’s DeliverIT service can help.

Online shopping made easy with JML

JML DeliverIT makes online shopping easy, even when stores or sellers don’t have an option to ship to your Caribbean or other overseas address. We provide a Miami address, our office, to receive your merchandise and then we will forward your items to your home or office, anywhere in the Caribbean or beyond, via ocean or air freight. We’ll even hold and consolidate your purchases to save you money on freight. Our DeliverIT online package forwarding service can open up an entire new shopping world for you and can even save you money from having your local retailer custom order items for you, if that is even an option.

To learn more about DeliverIT and making JML your online shopping partner, visit We have offices in the US, Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands and can ship your goods to more than 120 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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