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What Are Freight & Transportation Looking Like In 2021

Freight & Transportation

With a worldwide pandemic still affecting most regions of the world, the transportation front and supply chain market has suffered some severe disruptions. Although many are in the recovering phase, there are ongoing uncertainties in what is left of 2021. Here are some insights on what to expect about freight and how to navigate these changes.

Tracking Trucking Activity

Covid-19 has altered consumer demand in a way that has benefited truckload carriers. As a result, freight markets have remained strong, creating a supply-and-demand structure that favors carriers. In addition, truck drivers may come back to work and also return freight to contract carriers as shippers.

Ocean and Air Trends

Supply chain consultant Avinash Mishra, explains that the pandemic disruptions will have a lasting impact on the ocean shipping market, and challenges such as container shortages and shipping delays will continue. Therefore, shippers need to assess their logistics processes to improve cargo tracking, inventory optimization, and reduce human error.

Addressing the Challenges

It is key to stay flexible and agile during uncertain times as it helps respond and adapt quickly to changes. For the transportation field, this helps reduce surprises that companies are not ready for. Having a plan allows companies to cope with events like a global pandemic or a natural disaster. Supply chain managers should always try to have a protocol, identify and predict potential threatening situations along with solutions for a good action plan.

It is important to know that you can’t do it all and having a partner or provider can help alleviate stress and run a successful shipping and transportation business. At JML Corporation we are committed to delivering fast dynamic solutions. We provide services of international delivery, purchasing agent, and Freight Forwarders in the USA, Dominican Republic, and the British Virgin Islands. Contact us to learn more.

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