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What Are Some Precautions You Can Take When Shipping Items During COVID?

Shipping Items During COVID

Shipping practices have changed considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The realization that germs can spread easily through packages and shipping methods has people taking extra precautions whenever they ship an item.

Wash Your Hands Often

Washing your hands often is the best way to eliminate germs during the day. Washing your hands every hour or so will ensure that you are keeping your risk of contaminating your items at a minimum. Using mild soap is normally all that is necessary to eliminate most germs.

Keep Shipping Areas Clean

Keep your shipping areas clean by wiping them down with warm soap and water. Spray a mild disinfectant along the surfaces and along the edges and corners to make sure you get into areas where germs may be able to hide. Treating surface areas with a spray disinfectant will also help to control airborne germs. 

Handle items as Little as Possible

Handle the items you are getting ready to ship as little as possible. Even if you have just washed your hands, there may be germs collecting on the surface of your package that you could transfer to one of the other packages you are going to be shipping later. Try to avoid picking up or handling packages when you don’t have gloves on. 

Wear Gloves and Other PPE

Wearing gloves, masks and other forms of PPE (personal protective equipment) will help you minimize the spread of germs and bacteria while you are packing your items for shipment. Gloves are easy to use and will allow you to handle your items without worrying about cross-contaminating your packages.

There are many safety precautions that you can take when shipping your items. The use of PPE and limiting how often you handle your items are probably two of the most important. Continuing these practices after the pandemic has lifted will ensure that the spread of any disease is as limited as possible. 

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